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Chapter one

Jacob “Joker” Olson smirked as he watched his SEAL team buddy Noah “Viper” Miller sweep his girlfriend up and over his shoulder, running down toward the ocean. The waves crashed on the sandy shore, and Bailey shrieked in delight, seemingly loving every second as Noah splashed through the surf.

“He’s so screwed,” Ryker “Bulls Eye” Fletcher said in a low voice, shaking his head. “Bailey’s got him by the balls and fucking knows it.”

Jacob guffawed, taking a swig of his beer as he glanced over at his teammate. “He’s screwed or screwing his girlfriend? Because he seems happy as hell. Both of them do.”

“Yep,” Ryker confirmed, running a hand over his five o’clock shadow. “Screwed and screwing his woman. And you’re right—Noah doesn’t seem to give a fuck.”

Their SEAL team leader Hunter “Hook” Murdock laughed from his chair by the bonfire, pulling his girlfriend Emma closer to him. “Just wait,” he said. “There’s a woman out there for each of you. She’ll smack into you from out of nowhere, and after that, you won’t know which way is up and which is down. And then we’ll tell her all about how you planned to never settle down with one woman.”

Jacob crossed his arms, leaning back in his own chair with a grin on his face. “Don’t see it happening, man. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies. I could spend the night with a different one every day of the week. But one woman for life? Nah. Don’t see anything like that ever happening.”

“Famous last words,” Hunter quipped.

“Amen to that,” Colton “C-4” Ferguson chuckled as he walked by, hand-in-hand with his own girlfriend Camila. They’d started dating after the team rescued Camila down in Bogota—and seemed happy as hell at the moment, too.

Noah and Bailey came walking back from the surf toward their group. “If Noah mysteriously disappears one day, you’ll know it was me,” Bailey said, her lips quirking in a smile. “He’s got it coming after that little stunt.”

“We won’t say a thing,” Hunter assured her.

“I’ll help you bury the body,” Emma quipped in her English accent. “But Noah,” she chastised, brushing her red hair back over her shoulders. “We just got here. At least get the woman some food and a glass of wine before you toss her into the bloody Atlantic.”

The others chuckled, glancing at one another.

“It sounds so much more civilized when you say it,” Jacob said. “But I’ll throw Noah’s ass in the ocean for you if you want, Bailey.”

“We Brits do sound quite posh now, don’t we?” Emma asked with a smile. “I told Hunter that’s why he should pay careful attention to everything I say.”

“I’d say you already have him wrapped around your finger,” Jacob said.

“No need to remind her of it,” Hunter said gruffly.

Jacob’s gazed drifted toward a group of nearby women in bikinis heading down toward the ocean. The sun was just beginning to dip in the sky, sending warm rays over the water. Sunrise on Virginia Beach was spectacular, with the sun climbing up over the Atlantic Ocean, but when the sun lowered in the west at night, the light still danced off the water.

Jacob watched with interest as a brunette with wavy brown hair dipped her toes in the ocean, her emerald green bikini showing off her killer curves.

Although the other women all were in string bikinis, hers had some ruffles around the triangle pieces of fabric that covered her breasts. Her bikini bottoms showed off her toned ass, and he was tempted to walk over and introduce himself. Let his gaze rake over her gorgeous body and see if her personality was as appealing as her looks.

She turned toward her friends, laughing, and his eyes landed on the swell of her breasts. Although she was fit and slender, her breasts were round and full. Perfect for palming in his large hands.


What would they look like bouncing up and down as she rode him straight to ecstasy?

A woman like that was a sight to behold.

“I got dibs on the blonde,” Ryker said, following his gaze.

“She’s all yours,” Jacob said with a chuckle. “I’ve got my eye on that pretty brunette.”

Jacob and his SEAL team buddies had headed to the quieter north end of the beach this evening. The southern end of Virginia Beach was filled with hotels and a busy boardwalk. Restaurants and shops dotted the strand, and the team’s favorite bar Anchors was located down there. It was the perfect spot for picking up women, and the guys enjoyed drinks and some food there when they went out.

It was quieter here though and less crowded—perfect for their bonfire. Nothing better than tossing back a couple of beers with his buddies as the sun began to set, watching the beautiful women on the beach walking by.

The brunette glanced over in the direction of their group, and Jacob grinned, seeing a faint flush spread across her cheeks as their eyes met.

That was interesting.

She was gorgeous, but perhaps a little quieter than her friends, who were currently shrieking with laughter as they ran through the waves.

Briefly, he wished he was closer so he could see if that flush spread down her chest. Her lips parted slightly as she watched him, and then she turned away, talking again to the women she was with. Her brown waves blew in the breeze, one strand catching on a full breast, and his groin tightened.

He’d love to see her in nothing at all—preferably spread out across his bed, so he could sample every part of her. Listen to her moans of pleasure as he simply devoured her.

“What’s up, fellas?” a male voice shouted, and Jacob glanced over to see the other SEAL team from base headed their way across the sand. The guys were lugging coolers and chairs, the women holding tote bags and towels, and since several of the Alpha SEAL team were married, a couple of them had kids or babies with them, too.

“Yo, Ice!” Hunter shouted to Patrick “Ice” Foster, the leader of the other team. “Good to see you, man. Are you driving a damn minivan now or what?”

“Hook,” Patrick said with a nod, his cool blue gaze scanning the area. There was a smirk on his face, and Jacob took in the commotion. Patrick had two, no, make that three kids. Jacob had forgotten that Patrick’s wife Rebecca recently had a baby.

Things were a hell of a lot different now than just a year or two ago. Both SEAL teams had been full of single men—all stationed at the nearby Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. Now Jacob and Ryker were the only single guys left on their team. On both teams. Jacob loved hanging out with his buddies, but the vibe of their gatherings had certainly changed a hell of a lot when everyone was together. It wasn’t just a random woman or two with them—they had wives. Girlfriends. Kids.

And hell if he’d ever end up tied down like that.

“The day I drive a minivan is over my dead body,” Patrick quipped.

“Shhh, don’t say that!” Rebecca chastised, shooting him a look.

Patrick had been injured recently on a mission, and the two had gotten engaged and then married shortly after he recovered. Rebecca’s first husband had been killed in a tragic car accident, so Jacob knew she didn’t take statements like that lightly.

Two F-18s from the nearby naval air station in Norfolk suddenly went screaming across the sky, and the kids shrieked with delight as everyone looked up to watch. A woman with jet black hair nudged Christopher “Blade” Walters, and the two smiled at one another.

“I always get homesick for Coronado when I see those jets flying overhead,” she said with a wistful smile.

“We should take a trip back one of these days,” Christopher said. “Some of the guys I knew from BUD/S are stationed there.”

“Shoot,” Jacob said, glancing over at them. “Is Raptor still out there? He was always one scary mother—” His voice trailed off as the kids ran nearby.

“Sonofabitch,” Christopher muttered. “That guy is legendary.”

“Raptor?” Emma asked. “What kind of a name is that? Is he a big fan of Jurassic Park or something?”

Jacob chuckled. “You remember how the raptors sneak up on people in the movies—you don’t even know that they’re there? That’s Blake for you. Sneaky son of a bitch. An enemy won’t even know he’s coming before he takes them out.”

“I don’t think I’d want to meet him in a dark alley,” Emma said, shuddering.

“Maybe you need a nickname other than princess,” Hunter quipped, glancing at her with heat in his eyes. “Something cool like Indiana Jones.”

“Maybe instead of Hook, the boys should start calling you Peter Pan,” Emma scoffed.

The other men guffawed. “You tell him, Emma,” Jacob said with a grin.

“Guess I should know when to keep my mouth shut,” Hunter said with a smirk. “Emma’s always quick to put me in my place. Unless we’re in bed—then she knows I’m in charge.”

Emma blushed furiously, and the rest of the men chuckled.

“Hush,” she chastised.

The other men on the Alpha team sauntered up to the bonfire. “What’s everyone laughing about?” Matthew “Gator” Murphy asked, glancing around the group.

“Absolutely nothing at all,” Emma said, her fair skin still flaming red.

“Is that your rug rat?” Hunter asked, glancing at the baby Matthew’s fiancée was holding.

Although the men on both SEAL teams knew each other well, with all the new babies, it was tough to keep track.

“That it is,” Matthew said proudly. “Just wait. Someday you’ll be up at all hours of the night, too, listening to your screaming offspring.”

Hunter smirked but didn’t say anything.

“All right, who’s ready to eat?” Jacob asked, rising. He opened the lid of the cooler he’d brought, pulling out packages of hot dogs and buns.

“I’m always ready,” Ryker said. He set his bottle of beer down in the sand and grabbed a skewer, ready to roast his hot dog over the flames.

“Be careful, kids!” one of the women chided as two kids ran by. “Go play farther away from the bonfire.”

Rebecca began passing out juice boxes to the children. She pulled out clear plastic cups for the adults, and Patrick popped the cork on a bottle of wine she handed him.

“I’m good with my wine cooler,” Bailey said, thanking her.

“Emma?” Rebecca asked, offering her a plastic cup of chilled white wine.

“No thank you,” Emma said with a smile. “No wine for me for another seven months.”

Jacob quirked his brow, glancing at the smug look on Hunter’s face and then back at Emma again.

“You’re pregnant?” Rebecca asked with a huge smile. “Congratulations! I had no idea!”

The other women all rushed over to congratulate the couple, and Jacob shook hands with Hunter. “You knew about this?” he asked Noah, catching the expression on his face.

“Just found out after Florida,” he said with a chuckle. “Hunter had to get back to Emma because she wasn’t feeling too great.”

“Well hell,” Jacob said. “There goes the Delta team.”

Hunter chuckled, accepting congratulations from everyone.

The women that Jacob had been watching earlier made their way back to their own towels, spread out on the sand about twenty yards away. Ryker caught Jacob’s eye as he stood, polishing off the hot dog he’d been eating. “I’m going to go see if those ladies want to join us. What do you say?”

“I’m in,” Jacob said with a grin. He put his own hot dog in a bun and wolfed it down in a few bites. “We’ll be back in a few,” he told the other guys. “We’re going to meet the neighbors.”

“Go get some!” Noah said as Bailey playfully elbowed him in the side.

Jacob strode after Ryker toward the women, and he caught the brunette watching him again. His blood heated as his gaze ran over her curves once more. Hell, she was beautiful. Long, tan legs. Wavy brown hair. Gorgeous breasts accentuated by that frilly bikini top.

The dark sunglasses she had on shielded her gaze from him, but if her body language was any indication, she was interested. And he was ready to have a hell of a good time learning more about her.

SUMMER WITH a seal (Alpha SEALs, Book 13)

She’d trust him with her life, but what about with her heart?

Navy SEAL Jacob “Joker” Olson knows a good thing when he sees it—and the striking yet shy teacher he meets on the beach hits all the marks. She’s down to earth with curves that won’t quit—not to mention lips he wouldn’t mind kissing until dawn.

Jessica Lockwood is renting a house for the summer with her girlfriends—and she’s not about to fall head-over-heels for a military man she’ll never see again. So what if his abs are carved from granite and his slightly crooked grin leaves her weak in the knees?

He could kill a man with his bare hands, and she has no doubt that he could also trample her heart.

When Jessica gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery, Jacob is the one who comes to her rescue. But getting her out of a hostage standoff is only the beginning. Can he convince her that she can also trust him with her heart?

Summer with a SEAL, a standalone novel, is book thirteen in the addictive Alpha SEALs series.