seal's Claiming

She’s sass to his rebellious personality. Together? They’ll start an inferno…

Navy SEAL Owen “Havoc” O’Donnell has earned his reputation. He’s reckless, wild, and can’t resist a beautiful woman. When feisty, whip-smart Olivia catches his eye, all bets are off. She banters with him at every turn and sends his pulse pounding. He wants her more with each day that passes and isn’t afraid to chase after the girl.

Olivia Nguyen is independent, strong-willed, and unwilling to fall into bed with a man like Havoc. The assertive and muscular SEAL makes her head spin and her body far too aware of his presence, but it’s his attentiveness and persistence that’s beginning to wear down her defenses.

When Olivia’s plane is hijacked on a business trip, she’s in for the shock of her life as Havoc’s team comes to her rescue. The danger that follows her back home, however, shakes her to the very core. She knows Havoc would do anything to keep her safe, but can she trust him not to break her heart?

SEAL’s Claiming, a standalone novel, is book six in the sizzling Coronado Team 2 Series.