Kidnapped by a seal (Alpha SEALs, Book 14)

He’ll protect her with his life—and claim her as his own.

Navy SEAL sniper Ryker “Bulls Eye” Fletcher never misses a shot. When he sees something he wants, he goes after it with equal resolve. Rescuing a woman held hostage should be the end of his mission—until he’s tasked with protecting her back in DC. Gorgeous dark hair, curves to kill for, and a whip-smart personality won’t stop him from claiming her for himself.

State Department Special Agent Emily Swenson is kidnapped in Afghanistan while riding on a routine patrol. The Navy SEAL team that comes to her rescue should be the end of her ordeal—until it’s not. A ruggedly handsome SEAL haunts her dreams and wants to protect her—not to mention have her in his bed.

Targeted back in Washington by her kidnappers, she must accept help from the possessive and aggressive SEAL who saved her—but what will protect her from falling for him—hard?

Kidnapped by a SEAL, a standalone novel, is book 14 in the addictive Alpha SEALs series.