A Seal's Seduction (ALpha Seals, Book 4)

He’ll heal her wounds one night at a time….

Kenley Bristow has her future mapped out: she’ll meet a nice guy, settle down and have kids, and live the stable family life that she never had growing up.  The last thing she wants is the assertive Navy SEAL who pinned her against the door, his hard body filling hers with desire she’d never felt before.

Navy SEAL Mike “Patch” Hunter prefers his relationships to be only one night.  The petite woman with the face of an angel wasn’t who he thought she was.  But after he felt her trembling beneath him, he knew one taste would never be enough.

When an accident leaves Kenley injured and alone, she’s forced to call on the one man she swore she’d never see again.  But with heat she’s never felt before burning between them, can she fend him off long enough to escape what she really fears—a life together?

A SEAL’s Seduction, a stand-alone novel, is book four in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.



Sealed with a Kiss (Alpha SEALs, Book 2)

He won’t let anything stand in their way…not even her. 

Alison Garrett doesn’t do relationships. Especially with a younger man.  After her heart’s been trampled on in the past, she’s reluctant to give the handsome Navy SEAL she met a shot at anything other than friendship.  A barbeque with friends, couple of beers, and rock-hard abs aren’t enough to change her mind.  Even if he does ooze sex from his pores.

Navy SEAL Evan “Flip” Jenkins is used to getting any woman he wants.  Except her.  The strawberry blonde beauty he meets at a party catches his interest, yet eludes him.  Their innocent flirting can’t conceal the way he wants her—big time.  He’s down for the thrill of a chase, but what if she doesn’t want to be caught?

When Evan’s SEAL team is dispatched on a hostage rescue mission in enemy territory, Evan is critically injured, never letting Alison know his feelings.  Will he get a chance to return to the woman he’s fallen for?  And more importantly—will she have him?

SEALed with a Kiss, a stand-alone romance, is book two in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.


The seal next door (Alpha SEALs Book 5)

The girl next door is all grown up, and she’s ready to play….

Brianna Miller’s life isn’t going as planned. She’s moonlighting as a cocktail waitress after getting laid off from her marketing job, her older brother was injured in Afghanistan, and the man she’s pined for since she was a teenager is back in her life, hotter than hell and more tempting than ever.

Navy SEAL Matthew “Gator” Murphy has only one goal when he returns to Pensacola, Florida for a long weekend—to welcome his best friend home and then get the hell out of there.  There’s no way he can face life with his buddy in a wheelchair, not when he was the one who convinced him to enlist in the first place.

When a gorgeous blonde waitress catches his eye, the last woman he expects to see is Brianna, his best friend’s younger sister.  The chemistry between them sizzles as Matthew tries to stay away from temptation, but sometimes a raging inferno begins with only a spark.

The SEAL Next Door, a stand-alone novel, is book five in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.



A Seal's Surrender (ALpha SEAls, Book 3)

He’s the one man she can never forgive…or forget.

Lexi Mattingly, a hotshot Pentagon security specialist, can’t escape her past.  Sent down to Little Creek to track down hackers attempting to infiltrate Top Secret naval databases, the last man she expects to run into is the ruggedly handsome Navy SEAL she left in Coronado a lifetime ago.

Navy SEAL Christopher “Blade” Walters has carried a torch for a decade.  The sparks ignited years ago on the beaches of California never burned out, and the man destined to be alone feels them slowly combust when the woman he’d lost forever walks back into his life.

Lexi and Christopher must learn to work together to stop the hackers.  But when she’s kidnapped from her hotel, Christopher may be the only man who can save her.  Can she trust the man who broke her heart to protect her life?  And more importantly, can he convince her to give their love a second chance?

A SEAL’s Surrender, a stand-alone novel, is book three in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.


protected by a seal (Alpha Seals, Book 6)

His need to protect her is nonnegotiable…

Navy SEAL Brent “Cobra” Rollins never met a woman he didn’t want.  He’s gotten more action than his entire SEAL team combined, but the gorgeous brunette he barely even touched is the one he can’t get out of his head.

Ella Thompson is working her way through school, and the cocky, assertive Navy SEAL who stood up for her is also wrong in about a thousand different ways.  Player?  Check.  Older man?  Check.  Interested in a relationship with her?  Not a chance in hell.

When she’s all out of options, Ella returns to her former shift at a cocktail lounge to make ends meet. Her boss is willing to give her the job back—for a price.  The only thing scarier than submitting to him is being pawned off as payment to his enemies.  The man who can save her is the one she should never want, but he’s the only one who’d also protect her with his life.

Protected by a SEAL, a stand-alone novel, is book six in the Alpha SEALs series.

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SEAL THE DEAL (Alpha SEALs, Book 1)

She needs his protection almost as much as she needs his heart…

Rebecca Mayes has already endured more than her fair share of tragedy.  After her husband was killed in a horrific car crash, she’d do anything to shield herself from more heartache.  A highly sought after attorney, Rebecca’s success in the courtroom has not come without costs.  The disgruntled ex-husband of a client is seeking revenge on the one he blames for his troubles—and his sights are set on Rebecca.  While she remains blissfully unaware, he’s stalking her, and getting closer every day.

Navy SEAL Patrick “Ice” Foster vowed to never be in a relationship again after watching his ex-wife slowly die of cancer.  That type of anguish was more than he could handle in one lifetime, and there’s no way anyone can change his mind.

Despite their determination never to fall in love again, Rebecca and Patrick can’t deny the connection between them.  But when danger lurks around every corner, she knows there’s only one man she can trust to protect both her and her daughter.  But who will protect her from a broken heart?

SEAL the Deal, a stand-alone novel, is book one in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.


Tempted by a SEAL (Alpha SEALs Book 8)

British archeologist Emma Williams narrowly escaped being kidnapped while conducting research in the Middle East. Now she has critical documents a terrorist group is searching for—and they’ll stop at nothing to track her down. The brash, bossy American Navy SEAL she meets in a pub was never supposed to be part of her escape plan—but if she can ignore his bulging muscles, bravado, and piercing blue eyes, she might just get out of this unscathed.

Navy SEAL Hunter “Hook” Murdock is on his way home from an operation when finds himself tracking down terrorists in London. The feisty archeologist he meets in a pub isn’t supposed to be the woman they’re searching for—but he’ll stop at nothing to protect her. The beautiful Emma may be book smart—but she’s completely naïve when it comes to her own safety. He’ll watch her 24/7 if he has to—and attempt to ignore her feminine curves, pouty lips, and whip-smart personality.

When the Oxford-educated Emma meets the rough-and-tumble Navy SEAL, all bets are off. Sparks fly as they flee danger—and attempt not to fall for one another.

Tempted by a SEAL, a standalone novel, is Book 8 in the Alpha SEALs series.


loved by a seal (Alpha Seals, Book 7)

Physical Therapist Sarah Foster shouldn’t get into another argument with her brother’s SEAL team CO. She just shouldn’t. But when the always cool, calm, and aloof Commander Ryan Mitchell is in the room, she just can’t help herself. His disciplined, precise ways from years in the military are the exact opposite of her fun-loving, carefree lifestyle. And so what if his broad shoulders and jaw carved from granite make her want to melt right into a puddle at his feet? He’s married to his career and wouldn’t glance a woman’s way if she was skinny-dipping right in front of him. Not that she’s tried that.

Alpha SEALs Commander Ryan Mitchell has always been set in his ways. He’s given his life to the Navy, and one free-spirited woman with long, honeyed hair and curves to make a grown man weep can’t tempt him to stray from his focus. No matter how much he’d love to taste the forbidden fruit.

But when Sarah’s brother Patrick “Ice” Foster is injured on a mission, Sarah has no one to turn to. Patrick’s girlfriend has the entire SEAL team’s support—but Sarah is hurting, too. And Commander Mitchell is letting the guilt eat him alive for letting his men fall into harm’s way.

He needs to be in control. She needs an anchor in the midst of the chaos. And when the two polar opposites meet?

Loved by a SEAL, a stand-alone novel, is book seven in the bestselling Alpha SEALs series.